Saratoga, Wyoming

Work at the “ground zero” of the Mountain Time Zone’s finest stretch of land and adventure. Saratoga, Wyoming, is nestled beneath the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and the Medicine Bow National Forest, with an array of natural beauty begging to be explored. Our jobs include work among our public golf course, an in-house microbrewery, notorious healing mineral hot springs, a delectably relaxing spa, and so much more. Established in the 1950’s, the Saratoga Hot Springs Resort exudes the ambiance of rustic, middle-of-the-last-century living amidst an inescapably relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

Housing and limited transportation provided. Comes fully furnished with beds, kitchen utensils, towels, linens, etc. $7/day for house-style shared living includes utilities, WiFi and telephone. Located 2 blocks from the resort. Transportation includes, but is not limited to, transfers to and from the Denver International Airport at the beginning and end of their employment, travel to and from work, and errands around the town of Saratoga (i.e. grocery stores, post office, etc). Other than the travel to and from the airport it is the responsibility of the employee to pay for fuel for the vehicles.

Please visit one of the links below to apply. You will submit your application/resume according to the requirements posted. Once submitted, you can search the company website for “Saratoga Resort” or contact them directly for positions currently available.